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 Data Backup
Backup, Backup, Backup.
JCM Solutions can not stress enough to our current and potential customers how important data backup is to the future of a business.

You probably have a backup plan in place for other aspects of you daily business. Just think if everything you have done to build your business goes missing.

Don't wait till it's too late.  ACT NOW. JCM Solutions can show you many different ways to secure your data incase of  Fire, Virus, Employee Mistakes, Theft, and other issues that may arise.

bullet Automatic Daily, Monthly, Yearly backups
bullet Custom Backup Solutions
bullet Backup types:
bullet Off-Site
bullet Tape
bullet CD & DVD
bullet Hard Disk & Flash Drives
bullet Many Others


bullet Automated QuickBooks Backups to
bullet Flash Drives
bullet CD & DVD
bullet Off-Site
bullet Backup recovery from all types of media
bullet Server Hard Disk Mirroring including Raid
bullet Custom Backup Software


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