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 IT Maintenance

Think of JCM Solutions as your own IT Department! Essentially, a technician's time is pre-purchased and scheduled visits arranged to allow for timely maintenance on all your IT equipment. 

Let JCM Solutions show you how our IT Maintenance can become a key part of your IT plan

bullet Avoid paying for frequent non-urgent service calls.
bullet Technicians spend allocated time on-site to efficiently deal with preventive maintenance and/or other non-urgent issues.
bullet Ensures smooth running of your IT equipment.
bullet Unused time is accumulated up to certain limits for future use.
bullet Maintenance such as checking backups, installing software updates, and checking available disk space don't become a problem.
bullet Allows for easy budgeting of your IT maintenance cost.
bullet Urgent IT issues can still be attended to in the normal priority service call fashion. However, with regular on-site preventative maintenance in place, the number of other problems occurring will be reduced significantly, and preferential pricing is included.


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