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 Software Examples
bullet Part Finder & Search Tool

This software solution was designed for one of our clients so they could allow their sales staff to easily and quickly find parts based on specific specification.

One of the major concerns our client had for this project was the data used to find the part was highly guarded, proprietary data, that was vital to our clients success.

JCM solution created a secure environment that allows their sales staff to use the data, to find the parts, but not allow them full access to the data for any other type of use.

bullet Ranking Report

This project was primarily designed to remove the monthly task of ranking customer sales every month-saving over 100 hours a year.

After learning a client was spending at least 10 hours each month to build a sales ranking report in Microsoft excel. JCM came in and automated about 95% of the tasks needed in creating the report.  What used to take 10 hours per month, is now done in under 30 minutes.

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